There are a plethora of examples out there that showcase how malicious browser extensions can affect those who download them. For example, Google recently removed four popular extensions from its web store that posed as sticky note apps. In reality, these malicious extensions were clicking on pay-per-click ads in the background to generate revenue. Extensions are programs that change or enhance the functionality of a browser in some way.

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When you login to Chrome and sync all your browsing activities, you hand over the entire control of your data in Google’s hand. If you are worried about the privacy then simply uninstall Chrome and go for Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome has large number of extensions to enhance the browser’s functionalities for special needs. Starting from simple ad blocking to custom extensions for teachers, bloggers and artists are available. There are two marketplaces to install extensions on Chrome – one is Chrome Web Store and other is G Suite marketplace.

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For instance, if a sticky note extension requests permission to read and change data on the websites a person visits. Why would a simple note-taking app want access to everything a person does online? Unfortunately, extension permissions don’t work the way mobile app permissions do.

You can also hire developers to build your own app to improve your VLC media player download workflow on your project. For other add-ons, when the installation has completed, select Restart Now.

Chrome extension developers have claimed theyconstantly receive offersto buy their extensions. The developers of theHoneyextension with over 700,000 users once ran an“Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, detailing the kind of offers they often receive. A good firewall can go a long way, and while it won’t protect against everything, it’s still a good failsafe to have. Many malicious extensions have code that’s known to be dangerous, and a good anti-virus can pick up on that. Almost no one needs to have 20+ extensions on their browser, and it slows down the computer anyway.

If someone doesn’t agree with all of them and won’t give the go-ahead, then they can’t install the extension at all. And finally, some extensions start out as trustworthy and are perfectly safe to use, but then get sold. Extension development isn’t exactly a gold mine, so when developers get the chance to sell them, they often do. The company that buys the extension can essentially do what they want, and users won’t even know about it. This isn’t unusual either, and extensions regularly get turned into adware after being sold.

Users can install these extensions to tailor their browsing experience to their needs. For instance, many marketers use extensions to track their emails, optimize their schedule, and find new customers. Although they usually don’t have a UI of their own and rely on Chrome’s interface to work. Google is very popular for privacy related issues and many times fined from European countries for processing information without the user’s concern.

People should stick to the most important extensions that perform functions they can’t live without. Read through all of the permissions that an extension requests carefully. If something is requesting permissions that don’t sound right, then it’s time to question its authenticity.

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