Therapists can also help to uncover any psychological factors and suggest certain techniques that may be helpful. Getting moderate exercise on a daily basis may help to improve sleep. Vigorous activities tend to have a stimulating effect and are best done in the morning hours so they don’t interfere with falling asleep at night. Yoga and light stretching are calming and can be performed in the evening hours.

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This natural mineral may help to boost certain levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that influence sleep. Magnesium is well-known for its calming properties and is lacking in the diet of most Americans. Magnesium can be taken as an oral supplement or be used topically in a lotion or cream. Melatonin is a natural hormone is produced in the brain in response to sunlight and darkness and helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle known as the circadian rhythm. Research has found that supplementing with melatonin may help to improve sleep, especially for shift workers or those suffering from jet lag.

After doing your own research and speaking with your doctor, you may decide to pass on CBD. If it’s not right for you, there are some other natural alternatives for sleep that you can try.

At the second, 56.1% of the participants reported improved sleep, but 26.8% had worsened sleep. Early studies indicate that high dosages of CBD may support sleep. In the last decade, growing public interest in the benefits of marijuana, and CBD in particular, has encouraged researchers to study its effects. Some studies have demonstrated that CBD may also be a sleep aid.

  • This is because full spectrum oils contain more than just one isolated cannabinoid.
  • Moreover, these CBD oils should appear golden in consistency—a major indicator that they’ve been properly filtered of excess plant matter.
  • Full spectrum CBD has a more hemp-like taste to it than isolated CBD.
  • Full spectrum extracts are thoroughly filtered, then mixed with a carrier oil; the type of oil used will largely influence the taste of the final product.

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In this article, we look at whether it works and any associated risks. Before using any natural remedy, be sure to speak with your physician about your particular situation and any current medications you may be taking. Like many other natural sleep remedies, CBD appears to be the most effective for short-term use. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of treatment that involves working with a therapist to focus on changing behaviors that may be negatively impacting sleep.

Even dosages of up to 1,500 mg per day were well-tolerated, other researchers report. Some people report fatigue and mental sedation with CBD use, but researchers believe that this may be related to the dosage. During the 3-month study, the investigators followed up with the participants monthly. At the first follow-up, 66.7% reported an improvement in sleep, but 25% had worsened sleep.

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